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March 2020 Newsletter

Copy of my Newsletter sent out at the end of March 2020.

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'If we have no peace,

it's because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.'

Mother Theresa

Hello everybody. How are you holding up?
If you're struggling, please pick up the phone and call someone, just for a chat!
I have learned, already, after only two weeks at home, that when we spend time with others, we feel better. In good company, happy hormones are released! Even if that's on the phone, Facetime, Skype, Zoom.... the same happy hormones flood the body... isn't that clever?!

So, our Zoom catch-up yesterday was SO GOOD, seeing familiar, smiley faces on the screen, and we shared things that are helping us to adapt to our new pace of life...
e.g. getting a daily routine, journalling, getting outside every day.
We have another catch-up tonight at 7.00pm. Please pop by! We can share some more of your top tips for surviving Lockdown!! Come especially if you are planning to do online classes, and haven't used Zoom before. We will get used to all the functions on Zoom so you know what to do when you step into your first online class.

IMPORTANT: Please go to Zoom HERE and in the top right it says 'Sign Up, it's Free!' please click here and put in your details.... then when I send you the link for meet-ups or classes, it will log you straight in.
Tonight our meeting will be here at 7.00pm:

When you are getting ready to join a class, please get logged on about 10 minutes before the class, you can choose to 'Join Without Video' if you don't want other people to see you, then please choose SPEAKER VIEW so you can see me on the biggest square, everyone else in the class should be little thumbnails! I will start each class with a quick hello, make sure everyone is on MUTE so that we don't get background noise coming in and we will begin our class. If you need to ask me anything, then you can unmute yourself to speak. We discovered yesterday that the settings are slightly different on laptops, iPads, tablets, phones so that's why it will be good to come tonight or come early to your first class so we can all be comfortable with the tech before the class starts.

AS AN EXTRA to say THANK YOU for joining me, I'm going to record each class and then send it out to everyone who signed up for the class, so if you missed it, you still get the class...if you want to do the class again, you can...if you want to do it with the family, cat, dog, goldfish, you can!
(The recording only records the host / speaker and not all the participants, so you won't be on the recording doing yoga. Only if you speak and come up as the Speaker, are you seen on the recording, so you can stay quite anonymous :)

Again, please feel free to invite household members to join us, one booking per household.
If you are unwaged at the moment,
please use the FREE resources HERE on my website and on my fancy new YouTube channel.

OK lovelies, see you on a mat very sooooon....
With love always,

Kate xx

P.S - All classes are listed here...
...please book at least TWO HOURS before the start of class...
How to book instructions is the first download here: