That means our thoughts consider the seaside, the sun, heatwave, mojitos, yacht patio, beach functions and of course, exactly what view to wear come july 1st.
OM Yoga North Wales | Online Yoga is continuing in Lockdown!

OM Yoga


Kate Hamilton-Hunter
Glan Conwy, Colwyn Bay, North Wales, UK, LL28 5BX

07778 134846


Online Yoga is continuing in Lockdown!

On the last day of June 2020, here in Wales, we may be dreaming of Beach Yoga but we still have a long way to go until we can be in groups situations ie Yoga Classes! So, for now, it has to be Zoom!

Fancy a good old stretch?

We hold so much tension, aches, pains, stress and grumpiness in our bodies!

So, come on! Roll out a mat or blanket or towel... and...

A. Move!

B. Breathe!!

C. Get together with others to do the above... You will feel better I promise!

Join me on Zoom for classes while we are all still navigating Lockdown here in Wales. In our online classes, we continue to hold a net of connected-ness and community as we come together to practice yoga, mudras and meditation.

Put a Yoga Class in your diary every week. It makes a big difference to have a routine, something to structure your day and week. Before each class, we all log on to Zoom, have a chat and check in with how we all are doing. Everyone is experiencing the Lockdown through a different lens; some are working, some are home alone and some are juggling children and work. We give everyone time to say what's going on, what they are struggling with and we offer support and friendship... and then we practice our yoga together.

The yoga style that I teach is mindful, gentle and thoughtful. I give options so you can do what feels right, depending on how you are in each moment. I give plenty of instructions, alignment points and breath co-ordination and I practice alongside you so you can check your screen if you're not sure what to do.

Beginners are welcome, accomodated and included.

The weekday classes have the same lesson plan, so you can jump in to different classes each week if you need to and you won't miss anything.

I record each session and e-mail the Private YouTube link to everyone who has booked on, so that you can practice the class again, even if it's to fast-forward to the Yoga Nidra at the end!

OM YOGA Schedule:

Online Yoga & Meditation Class 13.00 – 14.30
Online Yoga & Meditation Class 18.00 – 19.30

Online Yoga & Meditation Class 17.00 – 18.30

Online Yoga & Meditation Class 13.00 – 14.30

Online Yin, Yang & Yoga Nidra Class 10.00 – 12.00

All Classes need to be booked here… Please create a free account at

You will receive a link to join Zoom two hours before the class. See you on a mat very soon x

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