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Kate Hamilton-Kapur
Bodnant Welsh Food, Furnace Farm, Tal-y-Cafn, North Wales, UK, LL28 5RP

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Weekly Classes

Kate and her Dream Team of local teachers offer a wide variety of weekly classes. We hope that you make your OM YOGA classes a regular date in your diary. You are welcome to try a few classes before you find the perfect one for you. Bring a friend. Stay for a cuppa. WELCOME!

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Mondays: Pilates

Sasha Jones

This morning Pilates class is a fantastic way to start your week! It is a low-impact class and focuses on a combination of strengthening, mobility and core stability, working with good postural awareness, helping to tone and condition the body.

This class is great for improving movement and well-being. Mixed ability class.

Venue: Rhos-on-Sea Methodist Church at 9.30am.

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Monday: Pilates & Foam Roller

Marta Swierk

"After a major change in my life, during the 2020 Lockdown, I decided to become a qualified Pilates teacher. I love a minimalistic approach; Mat and Foam Roller Pilates is what I really enjoy teaching.

I will take you through an efficient block system to address all muscle groups, while maintaining connection to the breath. For beginners and experienced students."

Venue: Providero, Llandudno at 9.30am & 6.00pm.

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Mondays: Vinyasa Yoga

Jane Barnes

Vinyasa Flow – ‘Vinyasa’, is a dynamic practice, influenced by Ashtanga yoga. The name derives from Sanskrit: 'Vi' – in a special way, order and 'nyasa', which means 'to place - conscious placement’

This session is about consciously placing a series of movements whilst consciously linking movement with the breath.

Venue: Providero, Llandudno at 7.30pm.


Tuesdays: Qigong Improvers

Phil East

We will be learning the 18 Movements of Tai Chi Qigong in this 6 Week Course.
Each week will involve a warm-up and the complete form exploring 3 of the moves in greater depth.
Qigong is the Chinese system of co-ordinated movement, breathing and meditation used for the purpose of maintaining and improving health and wellbeing.

Venue: Providero, Llandudno at 10.00am.


Tuesdays: Hatha Yoga

Kate Hamilton-Kapur

"In this 90 minute class, we will start slowly, settling in, tuning in and warming up. We have an hour for our Yoga practice, where we ease out tension, tiredness and tightness in the body.

We then practise a short meditation after our Asana practice before we go under a blanket for the deep rest medicine that is Yoga Nidra."

Venues: Llanrwst at 10.00am, Betws-y-Coed at 1.00pm, Llandudno at 5.30pm.


Wednesdays: Parent & Toddler

Natasha White

An engaging parent and child fun-filled 6 week term. Suitable for older babies and walking age toddlers up to four years old.

Song, movement to nursery rhymes and simple sensory play with yoga poses. The grown-ups enjoy some YogaPilates with post natal specific exercises mixed in.

Venue: Aspire Fitness Studio, Rhos on Sea at 1.30pm.

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Wednesdays: Kids Yoga

Natasha White

Young Yogis Eco Squad - 6 week course.

Suitable for 5 - 10 year olds. In our 45 minute sessions, we will be learning Yoga poses, mindfulness and eco-stewardship by welcoming seasonal changes.
Every week we will enjoy music, dance, games and sharing big emotions via self-expression, breathing and relaxation.

Venue: Aspire Fitness Studio, Rhos on Sea at 4.00pm.

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Wednesdays: Yoga Nidra

Kate Hamilton-Kapur

In this class, we will start by unwinding the body and mind with 20 minutes of breathing and gentle movement. Then, I will lead you from the outer world to the inner world, to find out what intention you wish to take with you into the Nidra, before you lie down and get really comfortable for this long, deep relaxation / meditation.

Venue: St John's Methodist Church, Colwyn Bay at 5.30pm.


Wednesdays: Evening Yoga

A slow and quiet wind-down class with one hour of mat-based practice and a super long Sleep of the Yogi, otherwise known as Yoga Nidra.

The Yoga will be Yin-inspired, holding postures for a longer time than in a daytime class, focusing on the breath, calming mind, body and energy down, ready for a good night's sleep.

Venue: St John's Methodist Church, Colwyn Bay at 7.30pm.


Thursdays: Hatha Yoga

Kate Hamilton-Kapur

In this 90 minute class, we will start slowly, settling in, tuning in and warming up. We have an hour for our Yoga practice, where we ease out tension, tiredness and tightness in the body.

We then practise a short meditation after our Asana practice before we go under a blanket for the deep rest medicine that is Yoga Nidra.

Venue: Colwyn Bay at 10.00am & 1.00pm, Llanrwst at 5.30pm


Thursdays: Pilates

Sasha Jones

This evening class will be a perfect way to unwind after a long day. It will involve a wide variety of full body exercises and mobility work to help strengthen and release any tension in a low-impact style.
This will generally be more of a gentler class but still working with the core principles of Pilates.

Venue: Rhos-on-Sea Methodist Church at 5.15pm.


Fridays: Energising Flow

Natalie Gray

The class starts with a short meditation and pranayama, then moves into a dynamic flow, as we will learn to build the foundations of a Vinyasa style practice. Variations are offered to suits all body types.
Finishing with grounding introspective Yin which focuses on the connective tissue and energy lines of the body. Suitable to all levels and beginners are welcome.

Venue: Providero, Llandudno at 9.30am.


How to Book your Classes

All Classes must be booked online - please click HERE to go to our Online Booking System. No Drop-In students; you must book your spot in advance!

If you don't do technology, we are more than happy to do your bookings for you!

Please pay online with a credit or debit card. Kate's students can pay by card on iZettle.

Please call or e-mail for assistance with your booking. CONTACT US HERE.

Cancellations, Transfers and Refunds

If you have to cancel any class, you can easily transfer your ticket to another class, as long as there is at least 24 HOURS before the start of your class.

To do this, you need to open your account on our Booking website. You can access this via your email confirmation or click here:

Go to your account, find your booking for that particular class.

Click 'Ticket Options' and choose TRANSFER. A scroll-down list of classes will be there, click on one to move the booking to another class (it must be the same or a lower priced class) and then choose your new date.

You can also cancel your class for a refund, with the same 24+ hours notice.
To do this, go to your account, find your booking, click 'Ticket Options' and choose CANCEL and we will issue a refund with 72 hours.

If you cancel with less than 24 hours, unfortunately you will not be able to transfer or get a refund, due to your place being unlikely to be filled at such short notice.

If you have COVID symptoms, you must stay away from classes so we will transfer your booking for you. Please get in touch to let us know that you have symptoms and when you would like your ticket to be moved to, or if you would like a refund.

If OM YOGA cancels a class due to illness or family emergency, we will book you onto another class of your choice or issue you with a refund within 24 hours.

Thank you, Namaste :)