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OM Yoga North Wales | Teaching Team

OM Yoga


Kate Hamilton-Hunter
Glan Conwy, Colwyn Bay, North Wales, UK, LL28 5BX

07778 134846


Teaching Team

Here at OM YOGA we have hand-picked an experienced and vibrant team of teachers to bring an exciting and changing programme of Wellness classes and workshops to the Pochin Room, a quiet, spacious room with a view, above the Farm Shop at Bodnant Welsh Food.

We are so proud to introduce you to our Dream Team......


Samantha Hare

"I came to the practice of yoga in 2002 when looking to find more focus and grounding in my life.Since then I have been consistent with that journey, exploring different practices and trainings and know first hand the many benefits it can bring.

Whether we are looking to improve strength, flexibility, coordination - physical abilities, or wishing to create relaxation, focus, space in our minds and our lives, I believe yoga has something to offer everybody, just starting with where we are at."

Sam will be teaching on Monday mornings: Beginners, Intermediate & Chair Yoga.

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Jane Barnes

"I love sharing the transformational journey of yoga and seeing the positive results. I teach stressed people, how to relax and melt stress away through yoga, pranayama and meditation.

I do this through devising creative yoga sessions, empowering them with techniques to use on a daily basis, helping students to combat the negative impact of stress and teaching how to trigger the relaxation response.

Through carefully designed sessions, stress melts away, leaving the students feeling freer in mind and more flexible in body...ready to embrace life!"

Jane will be teaching Monday Evenings: Yin Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga.

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Phil East

Phil was introduced to Tai Chi in 1988. He was 19, grappling with depression after the death of two school friends in a car accident and failing his A levels. He went to Australia for 6 months backpacking and was introduced to Qigong and he knew he had found a special place; a safe haven from life’s trauma.

After 17 years working Mental Health, Phil decided that 2020 is his year to share his love of Qigong with others and to help as many people as possible to find peace and tranquillity through the gentle but precise movements, breathing and emotional release techniques that are relaxing but energising at the same time.

Phil will be teaching on Tuesdays & Thursdays: Qigong & Chinese Tea Meditation.

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Kate Hamilton-Kapur

"I teach the Yoga that works for me! When I get onto my mat, I treat it as a sanctuary and a place to bring myself back into balance. Life can be hard, joyful, beautiful, exhausting! And so I move mindfully, I focus on my breath and see what happens.
And this is the approach I take into my classes. I have a lesson plan and I know where we're going but I offer lots of choices so that everyone is in that space of tuning in and we go wherever that leads us!

The peak of my practice and classes is when we all sit together at the end with a Mudra and Meditate / sit quietly for 5 minutes before a 15 minute Yoga Nidra. My classes are all suitable for beginners."

Kate will be teaching on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and weekends.

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Helen Jackson

Helen’s style of teaching is compassionate, light-hearted and grounded. She aims to guide people through movement and breath practices, simply noticing and tuning into sensations, cultivating connection and mind-body awareness. She believes yoga is for everybody and that it has the unique capacity to support healing and wellness.

Inspiration for her classes often comes from the cycles of nature and the seasons. She loves exploring how what we learn on the mat can be of benefit to us out in the world.

Helen will be teaching on Tuesday evenings: Hatha Yoga.

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Natasha White

"I am passionate about helping to improve the quality of people’s lives through exercise, fitness, Pilates, Yoga, plenty of fun and laughter. I believe that the best way to learn is mindfully, together. I love to explore new forms of movement to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being.

As a specialist working with women’s health and families, built strongly on years of experience and gained knowledge, my passion is to support women through all stages of womanhood; pregnancy, motherhood, the stages of menopause and ageing health"

Natasha will be teaching on Wednesdays: Women’s Fitness and Wellness, Super Seniors, Family Yoga, Mums & Toddlers and Saturday afternoon Kids Yoga Club.

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Sasha Jones

"As a qualified Sports Rehabilitator I have a passion for helping people live an active and pain free lifestyle. I thoroughly enjoy teaching Pilates as I feel this gives people the tools to try and self-manage any injuries they may have or just as a gentle form of exercise that may prevent these from occurring.

As a lover of Pilates myself I decided to train to teach in 2017 through APPI and began teaching Pilates in 2018."

Sasha will be teaching on Thursday evenings: Pilates & Men's Stretch Class.

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Natalie Gray

Natalie has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaching for the last 4 years. She studied at Sampoorna Yoga in India which took her practice far beyond the mat and opened her mind to the ancient Indian philosophies and teachings.

Her passion and experience lies in Vinyasa Flow and Yin and awakening the chakras. With a background in anatomy she takes a functional approach to teaching, and a focus on how each Asana feels rather than looks, ensuring her classes are about self exploration, making this style of Yoga accessible to all and more importantly encouraging creativity and fun and that all important time to take a moment to pause.

Natalie will be teaching a 90 minute Introduction to Vinyasa on Saturday mornings.

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