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Kate Hamilton-Hunter
Glan Conwy, Colwyn Bay, North Wales, UK, LL28 5BX

07778 134846


Yoga Classes

Small, intimate classes that are suitable for every-body. Beginners and seasoned yogis are welcome. My yoga classes are more about coming back to ourselves than touching our toes.


Class Schedule

1.00 - 2.30pm at Source Yoga Studio, Mochdre
7.00 - 8.30pm at Glan Conwy

1 - 2.30pm at Glan Conwy
5.00 - 6.30pm at Glan Conwy
7.00 - 8.30pm at Glan Conwy

10.00 - 11.30am at Glan Conwy
1.00 - 2.30pm at Source Yoga Studio, Mochdre

10.00 - 11.30am at Glan Conwy

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How to book your mat

Yoga Classes can be booked online by following the instructions on the Word document which is available on the link below. If you don't do technology, I'm more than happy to do your bookings for you!

Please feel free to call, text or WhatsApp me, or e-mail me with any questions or dates you would like me to book in for you. All details of how to get hold of me are on the Contact Page.

All classes, workshops and events are on the booking system.

Click the link here for instructions of how to make and manage your bookings ... Thank you!

How to Book

Since attending Kate’s classes in her beautiful home, I have found that I am able to maintain a more balanced lifestyle. Her yoga classes do not only give access to the ancient practise, they also equip you for the busy lifestyle of modern society. Plus sending out your intentions over the beautiful North Wales coastline is an extra bonus!

- Kate Russell

Classes with Kate

In a class with me, you will find that we usually sit or lie down for a little while and centre. We spend a few minutes focusing on the breath and waiting for everyone to settle. Then we begin.

We start in a gentle way, moving the spine, opening the hips, releasing tension in the shoulders or simply shaking off our day.

Then we move into some deeper warm-ups, postures, a sequence maybe. Interspersed with counter-poses, inviting us to come back to the breath. As we move through the physical asana, we let the busy outer world melt away and come back to our inner world.

We always finish with a 15 minute deep relaxation or a Yoga Nidra, and seated meditation, with breath-work and mudras.


My Yoga Studio

Since September 2016 I have been running weekly classes from my home in Glan Conwy when I turned our lounge into a yoga studio. The room is only used for Yoga and is a beautiful sacred space for our practice.

The view from the studio looks over the Conwy River, out towards Deganwy and Conwy. My funny cat, Cinnamon likes to join the classes. She especially waits for relaxation where she prowls the room, choosing her victim and then curls up on them for a nap.

I have mats, blankets, blocks, eye-pillows, cushions, straps and I ask that students don't bring single-use plastic to classes; I provide lemon water with recycled glasses.

Kate’s class has really fired up my love for yoga. Great class, lovely group. Well thought out and taught with information and care – would recommend to everyone.

- Dominique Watkins