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OM Yoga


Kate Hamilton-Hunter
Glan Conwy, Colwyn Bay, North Wales, UK, LL28 5BX

07778 134846


About Kate

I love yoga and meditation. It is my life! I love teaching and sharing with others how yoga has helped me, over and over again, to find and maintain my inner strength and peace.


My journey from student to teacher

I first stepped onto a yoga mat in 1999, at a local Hatha Yoga class with my most influential teacher to date, Barbara Occleshaw. I felt that there was something powerful in this practice. From that day on, wild horses would not stop me from getting to my Wednesday night yoga class!

12 years later I discovered Dru Yoga, a flowing style of yoga that has evolved from Hatha. I started a weekly class in Bethesda and in November 2011, I began my Dru Yoga Teacher Training and began teaching in April 2013. I then went deeper with Dru Meditation Teacher Training.

I have also studied Partner Yoga at the Unity Studio in Brighton and Yoga Nidra with Karen Brody and I have completed a teacher training in Yin Yoga with Jackie Quayle at The Yoga Bank in Widnes.

Kate’s yoga has helped me in so many ways. I so look forward to every week and hate to miss it. I am more relaxed and reflective, calmer, stronger, fitter and more supple.

- Judith W

Developing my own style of yoga

I have developed my own style of teaching from all my different teachers. Hatha and Dru Yoga are the main styles I have practised and my yoga is a mix of these two.

What I find works for me is what I teach. I try to be authentic in that I teach directly from my own experience. My language is invitational; we go on a journey together in each class. I don't often 'adjust' students, preferring to just give verbal instructions about alignment so that each one of us in the room finds our own Asana (comfortable seat).

In every class we work with moving the body in time with the breath, so our yoga practice becomes a moving meditation. I always include a 15 minute relaxation at the end of every class and often a short seated meditation.

Having practiced yoga for over 40 years, I was desperate to find a teacher that suited my needs when circumstances allowed me to return to a class a few years ago. I tried three or four different teachers, with different styles, but no luck, before I found Kate - and suddenly I felt as if I'd come home!! Kate's class is everything I believe a yoga class should be - stretching and strengthening, but supportive and calm and full of good vibes. It's not a workout - you can go to a gym for that! - but instead treats the whole person - mind, body and spirit - and helps me to try to be the person I could be if life didn't keep getting in the way! I always feel better when I leave than when I arrived.

- Pat Frost

Training & Qualifications

Reiki 1 - 1999

Reiki 2 - 2002

Dru Yoga Teacher Training - 2011 - 2013

Dru Meditation Teacher Training - 2013 - 2015

Unity Partner Yoga Teacher Training - 2018 - 2019

'Daring To Rest' - Yoga Nidra Facilitator - 2018 - 2019

'Daring To Rest' - Certified Instructor - 2019 - 2020

Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2019

Life before teaching yoga ...

Many moons ago, in another lifetime... I began working life as a seamstress at age 19 and by the time I was 28 I was a wedding dress-maker... What Katie Did. Then life fell apart a bit and I had to start over. I went to college and studied Art & Design and from that sprung a Hand-made Card Collection... What Katie Did Next, teaching Creative Arts for 5 years part-time. I opened a shop in Bodnant Gardens called Treasure Contemporary Metalwork and embarked on a joint venture with the super-talented Nia Roberts... The Contemporary Design Company, creating all sorts of gorgeous creations for the art & gift industry.

As that partnership came to it's natural conclusion, my jewellery business was born... Kate Hamilton-Hunter Studio, and until May 2016 it was my passion and privilege to employ lots of talented guys and gals and see our jewellery in shops, boutiques and galleries all over the world. Always passionate about recycling, our jewellery was made from biscuit tins and silver, hand-made with love and provenance.

Due to the rise of cheap imports from the far east, our UK company struggled to compete and sadly closed the doors on 4th May 2016. It broke my heart but then, a buyer came along and two weeks later re-opened the studio in Abergele and under new management, carried on trading. So, if you see any jewellery with Kate Hamilton-Hunter Studio on the tag, then yes that is / was me, and my team are still making jewellery and flying the flag for Hand-made in Britain.

And along the way, through all of this, I also was blessed with raising four amazing boys, more commonly known as Team Awesome, I love them more than words can say.

Photos below: two of the many wedding dresses I created, hand-made card designs, pages from my sketchbooks, framed original art, my talented team at Kate HH Jewellery studio, my recycled jewellery designs and my Fab Four.


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