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Kate Hamilton-Kapur
Bodnant Welsh Food, Furnace Farm, Tal-y-Cafn, North Wales, UK, LL28 5RP

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Monthly Events

A rich and varied calendar at Bodnant Welsh Food. From Fridays to Sundays we will be hosting nourishing, educational, inspiring events for you.

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Gong Bath with Steph Healy

Gong Bath - First Sunday at 7.00pm.

Steph Healy is the No 1 Sound Practitioner in North Wales and we are very thrilled to host her at Bodnant once a month. All you have to do is bring enough pillows and blankets to be able to lie down (or sit if you prefer) comfortably for an hour or so.

Steph will take you through a mindfulness exercise to allow the body to wind down and be receptive to the sound bath, she will then begin with Singing Bowls and then slowly introduce the resonant sound of the Gongs.

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Kirtan with Siward & George

Kirtan - 3rd Friday at 7.00pm.

An evening starting with slow and grounding yoga, some settling of the bones and easing the breath... and then with harmonium and drums, Siward will lead us through a round of ancient Sanskrit chants songs, followed by meditative silences, inviting you to relax, centre, meditate and delve deeper into stillness.

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Our vision for Yoga & Wellness at Bodnant Welsh Food is to create a thriving hub; a community of experienced Wellness practitioners from all disciplines and fields, to bring you the best of the best. We want to support your health, well-being and happiness and for a feeling of deep well-being to flow into all aspects of your life.

From this heart-space, we offer you the chance to come to your practice, to your mat and to your tribe. And so, we hope there will be something for everyone in our Events Diary.... check back here regularly for a full and inviting programme, designed just for you.


Candlelit Yoga

Candlelit Yoga - 3rd Sunday at 7.00pm.

Every month we will light the candles and incense and get ready to welcome you to our cosy yoga space for a Slow and Mindful mat-based Yoga class, with seated meditation and a long Yoga Nidra.

We will be hosting this on Zoom on March 21st. The class will be recorded whilst we are on Zoom, so you can do the whole class, or part of it again and again!

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Young Yogis Eco Squad with Natasha White

Suitable for 5 - 10 year olds. In our 45 minute sessions, we will be learning the basics of ancient Yoga for physical fitness, mindfulness and eco-stewardship by welcoming seasonal changes. We will be learning to understand the cycles of Nature.

Every week, the Yogi Eco Squad will enjoy music, dance, games and sharing big emotions via self-expression, breathing and relaxation practices. There will also be recycled craft and a termly art project

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How to Book your Event

All Events must be booked online - please click HERE to go to our Online Booking System. No Drop-In students; you must book your spot in advance!

If you don't do technology, we are more than happy to do your bookings for you!

If possible, please pay online with a credit or debit card. All Events must be paid for two weeks in advance. No cheques please. You can request our bank details for BACS or Paypal to

Please call or e-mail for assistance with your booking. CONTACT US HERE.