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Kate Hamilton-Hunter
Glan Conwy, Colwyn Bay, North Wales, UK, LL28 5BX

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Chakra Therapy North Wales

Chakra Therapy

We can explore what is going on in your Energy System by reading the Chakras and using them as a roadmap to see where your roadblocks are and then use various techniques to bring your system back to full health and vitality.

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Chakra Sound or Reiki Healing

Since training with The College of Sound Healing in 2021-22 I have been offering Sound Healing using Singing Bowls as a Therapy.

The frequencies of the bowls match the frequencies within your energy system. I play the Singing Bowls specifically to stimulate each Chakra. It has never failed to completely re-balance the Chakra system!

I am also trained in Reiki 1, 2 & 3 and can channel the Reiki energy over each Chakra on the front and back of the body to achieve the same result.

These 90 minute sessions are £55.00 or 3 sessions for £145.00.

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I was blown away by the whole experience of my Sound Healing session. Every sound resonated through my body, it was the most magical feeling I have ever experienced. I went into a meditation which was beautiful and brought a lot of peace and answers to me that I needed. I seriously have no words, it was incredible. The difference was amazing physically and mentally. I can't wait to come back. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a chronic illness or suffers from anxiety. You won't be disappointed.

- Tania Cornick
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Chakra Analysis

In this 2 hour session, I will help you to understand your energy system. Fill out a Chakra Questionnaire and we will look at it together in our session and then I will read your Chakras using a crystal pendulum.

You will receive a Sound or Reiki Healing plus Breathwork, Yoga postures or Mudras.

This is a One - Off session to do the ground-work, before going into what we have discovered with 3 - 6 more 90 minute sessions.

The fee is £95.00 for one session only.

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Chakra Therapy & Coaching

Following our 2 hour session, we will dive deep into what is going on in your Energy System, using the Chakras as our roadmap.

Sound Healing, Reiki, Coaching, Visualisation, Breathwork and Yoga Nidra will reveal old patterns and beliefs. This is deep work that can truly lead to transforming your life, relationships and career.

These sessions are 90 minutes and are ideally once a week / fortnight. Book 3 sessions for £195.00 or 6 sessions for £360.00 using a CHAKRA THERAPY CLASS PASS

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Since attending Kate’s sessions in her beautiful home, I have found that I am able to maintain a more balanced lifestyle. Kate gives you access to these ancient practices, equipping you for the busy lifestyle of modern society.

- Kate Russell
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Therapy Studio

I invite you to my Private Therapy Studio for One2One sessions with my beautiful Crystal or Himalayan Singing Bowls.

In 2016 I re-arranged my whole house in order to teach my weekly yoga classes from home - Happy Days! - But of course, that all came to a dramatic stop in March 2020, as did the rest of the world...

At the end of 2022 I re-organised my house once again to create this calming and quiet space for One2One sessions and I love it so much!

I light candles and incense and we settle in to some precious healing time together. WELCOME!!

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One2One Sessions are held at my home Yoga & Therapy Studio in Glan Conwy. You will receive the full address on your booking confirmation email.

Tuesdays - 1.30pm and 5.30pm

Wednesdays at 10.00am and 1.30pm

Fridays at 10.00am and 1.30pm

Saturdays can also be arranged. Email me: with any questions.

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Well what a difference my therapy with you has made. You and your magical crystal bowls certainly shifted something. I have been more productive and actually booked a holiday for myself and Freddie the dog

- Alexis Henley
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