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Fancy a Gong Bath?

Sound Baths have been increasing in their popularity recently, with more and more people searching for ways to help themselves in a more natural way. But what is healing through sound all about? Our Sound expert Steph Healy explains all....

How often has music or a particular song moved you, lifted your spirits or made you get up and dance? Perhaps there is a piece of music which reminds you of a very specific time or memory, and when you hear that sound it is as if you are transported back to that very moment. Sound is extremely powerful and it has been used as an effective tool for supporting health and wellbeing for thousands of years. Sound can bring the physical body, mind and soul into a state of natural balance and harmony.

How is that possible? Well, we know that the Universe and everything within it is energy or vibrating particles. Every organism, every object and each part of the human body is made up of vibrating particles, which vibrate at their own special frequency. Einstein’s law of energy attracting and connecting with energy explained that one object can actually set another object to vibrate at the same rate. This is known as entrainment.
There’s a clip on YouTube that shows about forty electronic pendulums all swinging at different rates but within three minutes, they are all ticking together in time! Similarly, when a “middle C” tuning fork is struck and the lid of a piano is lifted, the corresponding piano wire begins to softly vibrate, even though the key on the piano has not been pressed.

So what about human beings? As we consist of such a high content of fluid, we are excellent conductors of sound, which means that we can respond powerfully to different sounds. Sounds can make our bodies recoil and brace, whereas other sounds fill us with joy or emotion. Entrainment can be experienced in a choir; when a stronger voice lifts you to a higher energy. On a larger scale, and in everyday life, entrainment is demonstrated through women who live together and experience their periods at the same time.

A recent study by cardiologist and researcher Professor Peter Sleight from the University of Oxford, showed that experiencing a repeated 10 second rhythm found in various music compositions, particularly Verdi, coincided exactly with changes in blood pressure that reduce the heart rate.

A Sound Practitioner can create specific sound frequencies and vibrations using a whole range of instruments such as Gongs, Himalayan or quartz crystal singing bowls, chimes, drums, rattles and the voice. These vibrations work at a cellular level to help the system to rebalance through releasing any blocked or dense energy, which might be holding the body in an unhealthy state.

When you come to a group or individual sound bath, all you have you do is lie (fully clothed) on a yoga mat, with blankets and pillows, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and rest. As an experience many talk about being immersed in powerful waves of sound from all directions, which is why the treatment is known as a “Sound Bath.” People are often surprised and amazed at how physical a Sound Bath can feel, noticing sensations in different parts of their body, or how emotions and memories can be brought to the fore and released as shivers, tears or laughter. Some speak of entering a dream like state, while others feel a deep sense of relaxation or even re-energised.

As well as physical sensation, the sounds from the Gong are known to induce a meditative state which in turn encourages the body’s self-healing system to kick in. The rich overtones, harmonics and layers of sound alter our brainwaves from Beta (when we are consciously awake) to Alpha (in a state of light relaxation, when the brain is resting) to Theta (state of reduced consciousness and deep meditation) and even Delta (external awareness is suspended and you are open to the realm of your unconscious mind). It is during the Delta brainwave frequency that our regeneration and deep self healing can take place.

Many clients have observed improvements in their quality of sleep, a better ability to cope with stress and over thinking and even pain relief from long term conditions. Some say that they experience clarity and insight while others enjoy the peace, stillness and relaxation that the gong space creates.

All about Steph....

I am a qualified Sound and Gong Practitioner, Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Past Life Regression Therapist.

I experienced my first Gong bath back in 2012. It completely blew me away ~ I felt physical sensations, saw colours and images in my mind’s eye, I even left my body and felt like I was floating in a timeless space. I felt like all my stresses, exhaustion, aches and pains had disappeared. What?? How is that even possible?? I was foxed!

At the time I was a teaching in the NHS and juggling family life with three sons. I became obsessed with researching how on earth sound could make me react in such a way and after some time, much reading and a few gong baths later, I decided to study with the College of Sound Healing (CoSH) for a few years and qualified as a Sound and Gong Practitioner in 2015. Looking back at how busy life was then, I honestly have no idea how I managed to study, work and keep the family going, but somehow it just worked and I later took a big deep breath and left the NHS to work as a self employed Sound Therapist full time.

Having established Pure Sound and working with individuals and groups, led me to becoming a Past Life Regression therapist – so many people were experiencing flashes and full on memories from past lives during the gong baths, that to further support and guide them on their healing journey, I studied and trained in this field. Its one of the most exciting treatments, guiding someone deep into their subconscious mind, and serves mainly to help alleviate a sense of feeling stuck or changing unexplained patterns of behaviour or emotions in this life. Of course some just love to find out who they were in other lives and it helps them to accept parts of their character today.

I went on to discover the wonder of Biofield Tuning (working in the client’s energy field to alleviate unprocessed emotions from life experiences) at the CoSH annual conference a few years ago. I found myself traveling to America to learn this method of sound therapy soon after (I am currently the only one in Wales working with this technique). This is a very popular treatment with my clients, who tell me that this is “amazing”, “liberating” and “life changing”.

Now I happily serve the people of Gwynedd and North Wales with my work. Lockdown has helped me to re-invent how I work and after a steep learning curve in all things technological, I have been able to deliver Gong baths, Past Life Regression and Biofield Tuning distantly from my little studio in Mynydd Llandegai. I have even had people attending from Australia, the middle East and Europe!!

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