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My go to place for yoga music – Spotify

Music is an integral part of creating a relaxing ambience in my yoga classes. It helps me to create a nurturing, safe, relaxing space for our practice. You can take my playlists with you by following me on Spotify!


Music for Yoga classes and home practice

One thing I’ve noticed from practising yoga for over 20 years is that it is not, as it may look from the outside, all about what happens on the mat. I meditate every morning, without fail! I often find a quiet spot while out walking my dog and take 5 minutes to breathe and be still, or strike a Tree Pose! I listen to yoga nidra to rest in the afternoon. I listen to mantras while driving my car.

Yoga seeps into every part of my life. And music, especially, helps me to stay in my yoga groove whilst doing other things.

And, although I used to use iTunes for a good few years, I am now a big Spotify convert. On the free version, the ads are a tad annoying, so we quickly signed up for the Family Monthly Premium; £14.99 for up to 6 accounts at the same address. Bargain!

Often in my classes and on retreats, students will ask what music I was playing in a class or relaxation. So I’ll share here all my Yoga Music secrets for you to be able to listen to my playlists, artists and recommendations. And then, off you go to dig for your own Spotify treasures!

So, if you have Spotify, search for me katehh07 and you will find my....

Music > Playlists > Artists > Albums

Podcasts > Episodes > Downloads > Shows

In my PLAYLISTS choose one and if you like it, click Follow, and it will pop up in your own account so you don’t have keep going back onto my page.

The music I play in classes is from one of these Playlists:

Yoga Classes

Or Yoga Mellow

Sometimes Yoga Chillout.

The music I play in Relaxation is always from:

Yoga Savasana

If we are in Yoga Nidra, then I put on one of the OM chants from:

Yoga Nidra Classes

Sometimes we start a class Shaking and Tapping, there’s a playlist for that.

Sometimes I want to dance about before I get on my mat: Yoga Funky.

Music in a yoga class can’t be too wordy or it can de distracting, but when I practise at home, nobody is talking so I play my Home Yoga Practice playlist quite loud and hum along. Join me anytime you like.

I have a Sleep Playlist with very soft and slow instrumentals for those nights when I wake up and can’t get back to sleep, a Meditation Music playlist, although I usually meditate in silence.

I have a sing-along Driving Playlist, and a few I play cooking tea, doing the hoovering... Just Chillin’, Home Soundtrack

Mantras are very special to me. My first yoga teacher Barbara Occleshaw taught me many and they help me to always feel connected to her. The very first mantra CD I bought was The Essence by Deva Premal and I learnt the Gayatri Mantra off-by-heart listening to it in the car.

My favourite Mantra singers:

Deva Premal, Snatam Kaur, Ajeet Kaur, Amrit Kirtan, Ashana

My favourite instrumental music:

Deuter, Jonathon Goldman, Manose, Troels Hammer, Josh Brill.

There’s lots more on my page, but this should give you a place to start and then, find an artist you like, find their Artist Page and use the FANS ALSO LIKE section to go off on your own Spotify adventure and start building your own library of music. Enjoy!

Try this Morning Practice Playlist to get you moving in the morning: My Spotify Playlists

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