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Kate Hamilton-Hunter
Glan Conwy, Colwyn Bay, North Wales, UK, LL28 5BX

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My Home Studio

I am nearly at my 10-year Anniversary for Teaching Yoga! And in that time, my home yoga studio has had it's ups and downs. But as I open the doors once again, it feels like a new beginning, a change in direction and a chance to help more people through Yoga, Reiki and Sound Healing.

In 2016 I closed my jewellery business and spent the summer tipping my house upside down to create a yoga studio in the lounge. I bought a huge Amethyst in Glastonbury, put the meaning of 'Namaste' on the wall and hand-painted a mandala on another wall.

Four years of yoga classes, laughter, friendship, cosy days and stormy nights hunkered in our yoga studio, looking out over the Conwy Estuary to the Irish Sea, my students and I really treasured these years. My cat Cinnamon loved the yoga classes as much as the students and we had tea and a chat after every class.....

In 2020, I cried as I packed up my studio, due to the pandemic, lockdown and two-meter social distancing. I turned it back into a family room and went onto Zoom with my students.

As we get to the end of 2022, I have reclaimed my studio!! I have painted it my new favourite colour, Sage Green, and bought some Crystal Singing Bowls and Himalayan Bowls and put a huge Buddha artwork that was gifted to me, above the fireplace.

Another green Buddha that my son Tom bought me looks over the proceedings as I begin my journey starting to see clients for Reiki, Yoga, Sound Healing and Chakra Analysis in my beloved Yoga Studio.

In this beautiful space, I will be seeing clients for One2One sessions.

Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. If you would like to start yoga, a home practice, have a health issue or injury that needs attention, or want to use Yoga for any therapeutic reason, come and try a One2One with me! One lady came to me because she had been doing online yoga at home and wanted to see if she was doing it right!! Another lady has chronic fatigue and wants to learn about Yoga Nidra to help with her symptoms.

Private Yoga Class. If you would like to have a Yoga Class just for you and a friend, book a Private Yoga Class.

Reiki is a clothes-on, hands-on treatment that is good for aches and pains but also stress and exhaustion. I was first attuned to the Reiki energy in 1999 and have used it on my growing boys and myself for over 20 years. I am now offering it as a treatment in my new Yoga and Therapy Studio.

I am also currently training in Sound Healing using Quartz Crystal and Himalayan Singing Bowls. I have had such profound experiences with Steph Healy and her gongs that I wanted to explore this healing modality further. I am currently training and doing case studies to get myself all qualified and certificated. I will be taking regular bookings in January.

Read more about Sound Healing in my Journal post here.

I am also really interested in Chakras and how we can use them as a roadmap back to health, and I am able to read the chakras via a dowsing pendulum and look at behaviour and attitudes to see which Chakras are in or out of balance, and then use yoga and lifestyle changes to get you back to full health and vitality. If you are feeling out of sorts, come and try a Chakra Analysis with me.

Read about the Chakras in my Journal Post here.

Yoga with Kate has improved my flexibility, which in the long term has strengthened my lower back (I had general lower back pain through lifestyle and nursing) I am now gardening, playing tennis and badminton. Kate not only teaches yoga moves but takes us through why we do the moves and how it can improve our posture and well-being, looking at our body holistically. I always feel rejuvenated and relaxed after a session with Kate, also at peace with myself and ready to face another day.

Sarah Clarke

If any of these Therapies sound like they could help you, wherever you are on your Life Path, please get in touch with me to talk it through... I look forward to seeing you very soon!

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