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Kate Hamilton-Hunter
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Find Your Centre....

They say that 'Change is the only changeless law.' In other words, things will always change and there's nothing we can do about it. But what we can do is find a practice that helps us to hold steady through periods of change. Kate guides you into your centre to help you to find an anchor when you hit the stormy seas of life.

Hello Again, My Friend.... it's been a while.

FIRSTLY... Let's breathe together... Bring your awareness to your breath.

Take a long, slow and steady breath. Pull the air down into your belly like water going down a plughole, slowly spinning. Take your time. Breathe out through your mouth and soften those shoulders. Sit up tall and like a Sunflower, that tracks the journey of the sun across the sky, reach your crown UP. Take as many of those breaths as you need to, to come into this present moment.

Close your eyes. I will wait for you. I've got you....

How are you? Are you feeling centred?

I feel that now, more than ever, we need ways to discover, hold and keep coming back to OUR CENTRE; to learn how to hold steady when life feels like a roller-coaster of highs and lows... And the good news is, it only takes A FEW SLOW DEEP BREATHS!

(You have 21,600 of these every day, so you can spare just a few :)

A quote from my favourite Trevor Hall song 'A Reminder' ...

"Find your centre... My love is just a Reminder... Find your centre"

In my classes, in Yoga Nidra especially, I try to guide you, again and again, back to your centre. I invite you to take a long inhale and find a little space at the end of that in-breath. Try hanging out here, at the very centre of your being for a few breaths. Here, I often say, imagine a little candle-flame, burning steadily. This flame has been with you from the moment of your conception and will be with you until you take your last breath... like a pilot light that never goes out.

This light is your compass, your greatest ally, your dearest friend. It knows everything about you and loves you, unconditionally.

Know that this flame is the essence of who you are and know that you are never alone.

Tapping in to your centre, your light, your heart, will help you in times of trouble and times of joy, keeping you steady and balanced. Centred.


Next time you make a cup of tea, step outside, look up and breathe in the scent of the air and allow yourself a little smile. You have this secret now, this new friend, this candle flame...

Maybe even take off your shoes and also tap into the healing power of nature. As Osho once said

"Sometimes just stand on the earth without shoes and feel the coolness, the softness, the warmth. Whatsoever the earth is ready to give in that moment, just feel it and let it flow through you. And allow your energy to flow into the earth. Be connected with the earth. If you are connected with the earth, you are connected with life. If you are connected with the earth, you are connected with your body. If you are connected with the earth, you will become very sensitive and centred - and that is what is needed."

When I feel like I’m off-centre, I roll out my yoga mat. Sometimes I dance, sometimes I cry, sometimes I step into the garden, without shoes. I get quiet and wait for the impulse to move. Child's Pose leads to Cat pose, to Dog pose and back down to Child's Pose…. And so on. I have no expectation, no attachment to the outcome; I just move my body until it feels ready to sit in silence, sit at my centre, where, I have discovered, my truth also resides.

My practice is my greatest joy, my anchor, my rock, my balancing scales.

When I teach yoga, my deepest wish is to share what I learn on my mat with you. I am devoted to my practice, so that I can put myself back together, over and over again, and then come to class and help you to do the same. Join me on the mat and we will help each other to keep that little flame burning brightly. We call this a practice because that is what it takes – PRACTISE, and that is always easier and feels better when we do it together.

I teach on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. I keep the other days for keeping my paperwork up to date, getting out into nature and onto my mat, back to my centre, and back to my truth. So that I can be authentic when I step onto my mat to teach.

I love this quote by Pixie Lighthorse:

"Guide me to the mat, the trail, the teapot, the canvas and the confrontation table today, so that I may test my flexibility and stay true to my form all the way to my edge.

Be my mirror, my educator, in matters of discipline and rhythm.....Help me to rehearse for growing stronger and more resilient.

Stand me up like a mountain, spread my arms wide, expanding and clearing the valves of my heart to help me to move from it.

Point my fingers skyward and widen my stance. Wrap enormous wings around my legs to strengthen my rooted position...

Let my wingspan be the bridge between my spirit and my body...

Let me know I am not alone, and that I never need to do it perfectly."

Honoring Practice, from the book Prayers of Honoring Voice.

Meet me on the mat and let's see where is your edge, your strength, resilience and meet yourself there, laughing.

With love, Kate x