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The Purpose of Yoga

Are you wondering what is the point of going to a yoga class? How is it different from other movement classes out there? What is in it for you? If so, then read on....

The purpose of YOGA postures is to ease and stretch out tight muscles, strengthen the weak ones, energise the tired ones, and to get the whole body MOVING.

The purpose of MOVING in yoga is to bring the body and mind into a more integrated state. We think about what we are doing, and we learn to pay attention; we notice what the body feels like as we move. We also concentrate on matching the BREATH with the movement.

The purpose of the matching the BREATH with the movement is that we notice that the IN-breath is the charging, energising breath, and the OUT-breath is the relaxing, releasing breath.

The purpose of focusing on the IN and OUT BREATHS is to notice that the mind starts to calm it’s constant chatter and we finish our session feeling CALM but ENERGISED, in body and mind.

The purpose of feeling CALM and ENERGISED at the same time, is so that we can sit tall with ease and come into a quiet state of mind, which makes it a lot easier to relax and MEDITATE.

The purpose of MEDITATION is to quieten the mind enough to be able to move our awareness from being focussed on the outer world and we can tune in to our INNER WORLD.

The purpose of tapping into our INNER WORLD is to be able to get to know WHO WE WERE REALLY ARE.

The purpose of learning WHO WE REALLY ARE is to be able to listen to our inner guidance, inner voice, our heart-space, and to find out WHAT WE REALLY WANT.

The purpose of knowing WHAT WE REALLY WANT is so that we can live lives of integrity, truth, service and wisdom. We can uncover the true PURPOSE that we were born with for this one precious life.

The purpose of discovering our PURPOSE, (or living our lives ON PURPOSE!) is so that we can fulfil our potential, using and honing all of our unique gifts and talents, to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world.

So the purpose of YOGA, ultimately, is to become the best version of your beautiful self, so that you can shine your light, show up and stand in your truth... So that you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

To enter into the world of yoga is a lifelong, exhilarating journey of discovery! But we must begin at the beginning. So, put on your favourite music, grab a glass of water, light a candle and roll out your mat….. and I’ll see you there :)