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We are on this Healing Journey Together!

My job, as I see it, is to provide a safe space, to introduce practices and healing modalities that have helped me, to teach only the things that I practise myself and really believe in.

It is not easy, but the idea is simple; The more we heal ourselves, the less likely we will be to cause intentional or unintentional harm…. We often hand our tension over to others without understanding that it wasn’t ours to begin with. Someone passed it to us, and we pass it to the next person, and they to the next, until it lands in the hands of someone with the tools to process it and let it go. The more of us who are open to inner work, the more points there will be in the giant web of humanity where harm will not be able to spread.

Yung Pueblo

I am interested in this idea that resonates with me so deeply when I read Yung Pueblo's books, that it is our responsibility to do some inner healing work, in order to break the chain of pain and suffering that has been handed down from previous generations.

We all have a story to tell about injustice, pain and heartache, mostly from childhood when we needed the protection of the tribe and then also in our teenage years, when we are stepping out into the world to find our place in it.

Here's the thing - the more of us there are on this journey to wholeness, the more the world will shift to a place where love, kindness, compassion and equality are the guiding principles of all interactions, decisions, laws and practices. And as Yung Pueblo talks about in his books of poetry, prose and reflections, one of the most heroic things we can do is break the chain of harm that was done to our ancestors and that was passed on to us, and to do this we need to go inward…

Do you remember the children’s book ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’?

"Can’t go round it! Can’t go under it! Can’t go over it! Got to go through it!!"

That is the lesson I have learned, for sure – there is no quick fix or shortcut. Know that all we seek is already within us – we have to go through in order to acknowledge, accept, forgive and release - and this is where true freedom lies - on the other side!

The practices of Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Chakra work, Journalling and Coaching are all designed to bring us to a greater sense of self-awareness - to open a portal to the subconscious mind to unravel our old beliefs, patterns and conditioning. There are other practices, of course, but these are the ones that I have used to move myself forward in my life.

I feel that I have been on a healing journey since I first stepped on to a yoga mat 25 years ago, but three years ago, I made a more conscious decision to get to the bottom of some of my unhelpful habits and patterns and found some surprising beliefs lurking in my subconscious.

By letting these go, I feel lighter with more energy, positivity and focus. I feel more centred, grounded and joyful. It has been quite a surprise to feel like this, when I had become so used to feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and battle-weary.

The healing toolbox for growth and healing will be different for each of us, and it is up to us to find what truly resonates.

When my sister was a teenager, she went to an Outward Bound Centre in mid-Wales on a school trip. She came home and said to my parents . “I want to be an Outward Bound Instructor!” and that is what she did! But she would not have found her chosen career had she not signed up for that fateful trip to Aberdovey!

My job, as I see it, is to provide a safe space, to introduce practices and healing modalities that have helped me, to teach only the things that I practise myself and really believe in. That is all I can offer. I love learning, studying and experimenting and encourage you to do the same. So, my advice is this - Be like my big sis, try out new things, find the ones that make your heart sing and do more of those… do them over and over again!!

Here at OM YOGA, I have created a programme of weekly classes, monthly events, retreats and workshops for you to explore different practices to support you on your journey back to wholeness, vital well-being and joy - your true essence in fact!!

Have look at my schedule and come along to something that sounds like it will be fun and interesting - you never know, you might add another tool to your own personal toolbox!

Reach out with any questions - I also have appointments for One2One sessions which are a more personalised way to find a practice or healing modality to meet you wherever you are in this moment. Drop me a line:

(Yung Pueblo recommended books: Inward, Clarity & Connection, The Way Forward)

To get into the subconscious where many of our old patterns lie in wait, we need to find a practice that can help us process and unload our conditioning. We do not need to reinvent the wheel. There are already many proven practices that have helped thousands of people take real steps forward in their lives. Our task is simply to search and find what works for us and then to commit to the inner journey.

Yung Pueblo