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Kate Hamilton-Hunter
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What to expect in a class with me ...

Sometimes the one thing that stops us from trying something new is that we don't know what to expect. So, with yoga, I always say, try a few teachers and classes until you find one that works for YOU. Pop along to a class with me and this is what you'll find us doing...


Don't be afraid to go to a few yoga classes to find a teacher that really resonstes with you.

Don't be shy or nervous... everyone is welcome to yoga. Come on in, take off your shoes, leave your busy mind at the door and choose a mat.

In a class with me, you will find that we usually sit or lie down at first for a little while and settle, after all the busyness of arriving and chatting. Sometimes we start standing, but we always settle our selves into the room before we begin.

We spend a few minutes focusing on the breath and waiting for stillness to descend upon the room and within our own selves. Then we begin.
We start by warming up the physical body and stretching out tightness and tension that build up through the day.

We may begin by moving the spine in it's beautiful 6 directions, or we begin by opening tight hips, stretching out those pesky hamstrings, or easing into a twist as we settle into the ground. Sometimes we start curled up in Child's pose, like a seed waiting to sprout.

Candles, incense and quiet music keep us present and focused.

Then we move into some postures, a sequence maybe, interspersed with counter-poses and short relaxing poses like the Child, Crocodile or Savasana, watching our breath, moving body, breath and mind as one.

Always, always finishing with a deep relaxation and often with meditation. Setting an intention, to take some of what has been revealed through the settling and stretching, into the rest of our day...we then say...

Namaste....We are One.

It is my heartfelt wish that I can help you to re-discover the peace & serenity that is already inside you. It’s not difficult; I won’t tie you up in knots or hold any expectations of you. Come as you are. In this moment, all is perfect, just the way it is. Let’s roll out our mats and begin….

Kate’s yoga space is a beautiful, non-judgmental, safe and a comfortable environment to learn; thank you for providing such a loving, open and inspiring environment. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner !!

Nerys MacDonald