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Yoga Kit List

What to bring with you to your Yoga Classes. You don't need much equipment to do yoga, a few essentials and the rest you can gather as you go along. So get yourself a nice big bag, a yoga mat, grab a cushion from the sofa and you're all set!


Yoga Mat – buying a good quality mat is a good investment. Choose an eco friendly brand if possible without nasty chemicals. Yoga mats are about 3mm thick.

Yoga Blocks bring the ground up to you, making it easier to sit upright, reach the floor, or support a limb. So one at least is essential for regular yoga classes.

Blanket – you can fold a blanket to use as a support, and then use it to get cosy for Relaxation / Yoga Nidra!

Cushions – Bring a or tow cushion from your sofa for supreme comfort in Relaxation / Yoga Nidra.

Strap – a yoga belt with D-ring, or softer cotton straps are used for leg and shoulder stretches. We don't use the stretchy straps in yoga, but if you have one, you can give it a try!

Water Bottle - please buy a groovy re-usable water bottle - single-use plastic is not welcome in my yoga classes! "Recycling will not solve plastic pollution" Just saying....

KIT LIST - optional

Yoga Bolster – great for under knees in Relaxation, especially if you have lower back problems.

Knee Pads – fantastic for delicate knees while in Cat type poses.

Yoga Bricks are useful as they can turn on any edge for different heights.

Spiky Pilates Ball / Tennis Ball – we don’t use these often but we occasionally get them out for a good hip opening ouch.

Eye Pillow / Scarf to block out the light in relaxation (these makes a big difference to getting into the best chill-out zone!)

You’ll also need a bag to keep and carry your kit as well!


For our Gong Baths you will need to bring enough kit to be able to lie down comfortably for an extended period. So, a bolster is ideal for under the knees, a few cushions, an eye pillow and a blanket or two.

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