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Introduction to the Chakras

I am fascinated by the Chakras! And since starting to practise Sound Healing in 2022, I have witnessed such profound healing and recognition of how our energy and physical worlds are connected, that I wanted to explore the whole theory behind the Chakra system here. Read on!

Did you know?

Your Physical Body is not the only body you have.

You also have an Energy Body.

Quantum Physics has proved that… Everything is Energy with its own vibrational frequency. From the most basic atoms that create our cells, organs, bones, muscles and bodily systems to the most expansive planet in our solar system, everything in our known universe is made up of Energy… ie everything, even the tiniest sub-atomic particle is in constant motion. WOW!!

(The whole world of Yoga and Energy Healing are talking about this all the time now because it is so exciting and important that science has caught up with this ancient knowledge.)

In Yoga philosophy, we call this energy PRANA.

It is also the Chi in Tai-Chi, the Qi in Qi-Gong and the Ki in Reiki – every ancient culture has a name for this amazing Life Force Energy.

So back to the Energy Body…

Your Energy Body is the human energy field that extends beyond the physical body; it called the AURA.

Your Aura interacts with your physical body as well as your Energy Centres… or CHAKRAS.

The word Chakra has the meaning ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit, which immediately makes you think of something turning! And Chakras really are constantly on the move, spinning clockwise.

The Chakras were first mentioned in the Vedas, ancient Hindu texts dating back to around 1,500BC. Many ancient cultures also recognised the Energy Body and Energy Centres as a reflection of the natural law that exists within the universe and an intertwined counterpart to our physical selves.

Think about how in your physical body, the bloodstream carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones around the body and helps with regulation, balance and protection of the body.

Now imagine the Chakras as also carrying information and energy around the body, to connect and support your physical self with your energy self and into your spiritual self. As energy transmitters, the Chakras receive, process and express Energy with varying degrees of efficiency, depending on the health and vibrancy of the Chakras.

There are seven primary Chakras and many minor ones.

Most modern literature deals with the main seven Chakras at the Root, Sacrum, Navel, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown.

The various Chakras deal with different types of energy. For example, the Root Chakra, at the tailbone, deals with the energy of survival and belonging but the Throat Chakra deals with the energy of personal expression, in words, actions, deeds, choices and creativity.

Your Chakras connect to every aspect of your life. They provide access to the infinite energy of the cosmos, the divine spark within you, and the regenerative qualities of the earth. Chakras are spinning wheels within you that are constantly moving and transforming your ‘subtle energy’. This is the energy of emotion, thought and inner knowing

Cassie Uhl

You may be sceptical about this theory of spinning wheels throwing energy about here and there… it sounds a bit woo-woo, and it is a fact that if you cut open a living being, you would not be able to see the Chakras spinning. But in the same way, you can’t see happiness, joy, depression or grief in the body. And consider how we accept that we can’t see gravity, the wind, heat or the cold, but we can feel them!!

I can feel the energy of my Chakras when I get butterflies in my gut when I am challenged, I feel my throat tightening when emotion stops me from speaking the words I want to say, I feel stress leaving my body when I walk in my favourite woods and I feel very connected to the world above and beyond the crown of my head when I meditate.

In the West we have been so conditioned to only believe in the physical, what we can see and touch. Our Western medical model is far more invested in focusing on ’fixing’ physical symptoms with drugs, exercise, surgery and diet than they are about addressing the emotional, mental, psychological and energy around health, well-being and illness.

It may take a leap of faith to trust this model, but I really encourage you to explore it, because of this one important thing I have learned in my life, studies and experience:


Why is this? Here’s an example:

Imagine you are 6 years old, and you are in rehearsals for the school Nativity Play, singing your favourite Christmas Carol. You are singing your little heart out and the teacher stops everyone, points at you and says, in front of all your classmates,

“You! Stop Singing! You are ruining the whole thing! Just pretend to sing, move your mouth, but no sound must come out! Everyone else, carry on!”

Imagine how crushing that is to 6 year-old you! How humiliating, your face flushed with shame, you drop your head, fighting back tears…

Now imagine you don’t tell anyone, because you are so ashamed, and even if you do, you can’t process such an attack on your little free-spirited, trusting soul. Now imagine if you don’t ever process that memory and all the emotional trauma that went with it… and imagine years later you’re bogged down with throat problems or self-esteem problems… all of which began in that moment.

If we can find a therapy that carefully goes back to that incident and gently release the emotional charge around it, BEFORE we have physical symptoms, then that is a WIN! If we leave it until we have chronic physical symptoms, it is harder, longer and more complicated to solve the puzzle of where the seed of the un-ease or 'dis-ease' has come from.

It is common knowledge to all Energy Healers, Yoga Therapists, Sound Healers, Hypnotherapists that if you are prevented from expressing yourself, that will create problems in the Throat Chakra, and if you are shamed, especially in front of others, that will create problems having a balanced sense of Personal Power – which is the Energy of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The awakening interest in the study of Chakras can be best explained by its practical application to many of the problems that currently confront us. Working with the Chakras quickly leads to positive change. Anyone can feel its beneficial effects on mind and body. At the same time, the growing interest in holistic healing methods has highlighted the importance of the Chakras in furthering physical and psychic healing. We have come to recognise that healing should provide more than symptomatic relief; the more subtle and encompassing the method, the more effective it will be.

Kalashatra Govinda


I think this post is long enough, so I will write more about how I help people to heal through the roadmap of the Chakras… but I know that when I was training to be a yoga teacher at Dru Yoga in 2011, the part of the training I loved the most was the module about the Chakra!!

I know that when my personal world was difficult to navigate, I had some huge 'AHA!' moments and found my inner compass through reading books on the Chakras.

I know that my own healing journey has mostly been accessed through the vortexes of the Chakras and the history of painful memories stored within.

There is a phrase I first heard from Caroline Myss in the book Anatomy of the Spirit – 'Your Biography becomes your Biology'. Meaning that your unique, individual personal story – your Biography - with all its trials and tribulations are stored in your Energy Body and become interwoven into your Physical Body – your Biology.

I have many stories of how I have experienced this myself in quite astonishing ways, but that is for another time.

The way I work with the Chakras with clients is by reading the Chakras with a crystal pendulum, and playing Singing Bowls around and above the client while they relax. I take a second Chakra reading and it is always 100% clear – all the Chakras have been pulled into their full vibrant and true frequency by the bowls through a process called Entrainment. This is not a permanent healing, but after a few sessions, the recurring Chakra imbalances point to where the pivotal issues are in the client’s energy body, which can then be looked at further with Life Coaching Processes.

If you are intrigued, get in touch and come for a Sound Healing session with me!

Books that I used to create this post:

A Handbook of Chakra Healing by Kalashatra

Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

Chakra Healing by Margarita Alcantara

Understanding Chakras by Cassie Uhl