OM Yoga - The Symbol Om


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The Symbol Om

Chanting the sound OM, as part of your personal meditation practice, or in a group, can be a very powerful practice. The vibrations of the sound resonate in the body settling the mind, body and soul.

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The Sacred Sound OM

It is said that OM was the first sound; the seed sound of all of creation.

The beginning, middle, and the end.

The past, present, and future... and so it is pronounced 'A-U-M' when chanted.

After a few rounds of chanting OM, you feel the vibrations in your body and your breathing rate and heart rate synchronize. The nervous system becomes harmonized, which helps you to feel in balance. You become attuned to your true nature.

Try it now, take a deep breath Aaaa Uuuu Mmmm... and repeat a few times.

Notice how you feel.

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