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Yoga is my Life ... My Life is Yoga


Yoga and Meditation found me when I was moving towards a very challenging time in my life and it kept me from going under more times than I can count.

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Thinking about starting Yoga?


So you have been thinking about starting yoga. You’ve read a magazine article, your friend started a while ago and you can see what a difference it has made….or maybe your GP has suggested it to get you moving and shaking...??? If you’re ready to take the plunge, here’s my 6 Top Tips to get you started …..

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Found your teacher? Next steps ...


First steps into yoga. It’s hard to know where to start with anything new. That’s OK. That’s why you’re here on this page…. Here are 10 things to consider about what essentials you’ll need to get started and how to top up your yoga buzz when you get home.

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What to expect in a class with me ...


Sometimes the one thing that stops us from trying something new is that we don't know what to expect. So, with yoga, I always say, try a few teachers and classes until you find one that works for YOU. Pop along to a class with me and this is what you'll find us doing...

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Autumn Yoga Goodness


Autumn is the season of change, transformation and slowing down, but also a time when the plans we made earlier in the year are bearing fruit. We can see this in nature, the leaves are curling and drying out, the air is cooler, the ground is wetter, and blackberries and sloes are in the hedgerows.

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Autumn Meditation & Pranayama


Since autumn is all about slowing down, we can take a cue from the season and “detox” the busy, full energy of summer. This doesn’t mean doing anything extreme, but rather intentionally slowing down the mind and nourishing the body through simple more meditative practices.

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Yoga from my side of the mat...


Yoga is for everyone. YES! ... but you have to...
A. Step out of your comfort zone and try it...
B. Once you get it, keep doing it... even if you have missed classes, come back. Begin again.
C. Realise that it is a two-way street, your yoga teacher turns up every week with a heart full of wanting to make a difference, but it doesn't work if you're not there!

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A personal story about the Chakras.


"The chakra system is a map for the journey through life. Using this map not only helps you find your way along life's journey, but also makes the journey worthwhile."
Anodea Judith, Chakras Made Easy

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Yoga Styles - which class to choose?


There are so many different types of yoga to choose from, it’s a bit mind-boggling! Whether you are looking to try some yoga in your living room, via YouYube or Zoom, or if you’re feeling ready to head out the door with a mat rolled under your arm for an in-person class (remember those?!)… read on!

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Find Your Centre....


They say that 'Change is the only changeless law.' In other words, things will always change and there's nothing we can do about it. But what we can do is find a practice that helps us to hold steady through periods of change. Kate guides you into your centre to help you to find an anchor when you hit the stormy seas of life.

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The Purpose of Yoga


Are you wondering what is the point of going to a yoga class? How is it different from other movement classes out there? What is in it for you? If so, then read on....

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Yoga Kit List


What to bring with you to your Yoga Classes. You don't need much equipment to do yoga, a few essentials and the rest you can gather as you go along. So get yourself a nice big bag, a yoga mat, grab a cushion from the sofa and you're all set!

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Booking Your Yoga Class, Event or Retreat


How to use our booking system to get started with OM YOGA, using our separate booking website, It's easy as pie!

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Plot Twist



“When something goes wrong in your life, just yell “PLOT TWIST!!” and move on… “

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Day Retreats at Lima Gardens


Immerse yourself in yoga, sound, movement and stillness, in a day designed for you to unwind, slow down and re-connect. I invite you to connect with Mother Nature and your true Nature, unlocking your own innate power to heal, rejuvenate and re-balance.

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My Home Studio


I am nearly at my 10-year Anniversary for Teaching Yoga! And in that time, my home yoga studio has had it's ups and downs. But as I open the doors once again, it feels like a new beginning, a change in direction and a chance to help more people through Yoga, Reiki and Sound Healing.

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2023 - Make it the best year of your life!


How do we make the most of our opportunities and freedoms, in order to live our best lives? One thing to understand is ENERGY! How it moves through us, on it's march through the universe, and how we can raise it's frequency so that we feel full of vitality, health and happiness. And in so doing, draw more and more of the same towards us.

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The Benefits of Yoga & Meditation


'Yoga' is such a small word for such a deeply layered practice. It's not a quick fix. It doesn't work if you pop in to a class every now and then. But commit to a regular practice and you will feel the benefits.

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10 Years a Yoga Teacher


In my 10 years teaching yoga, what have I learned?

Read my 20 thoughts on yoga, the yoga industry, what people think yoga is versus what yoga actually is, how my teaching has developed over 10 years, how it has helped me and how it can help you....

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