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Yoga is my Life ... My Life is Yoga


Yoga and Meditation found me when I was moving towards a very challenging time in my life and it kept me from going under more times than I can count.

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Thinking about starting Yoga?


So you have been thinking about starting yoga. You’ve read a magazine article, your friend started a while ago and you can see what a difference it has made….or maybe your GP has suggested it to get you moving and shaking...??? If you’re ready to take the plunge, here’s my 6 Top Tips to get you started …..

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Found your teacher? Next steps ...


First steps into yoga. It’s hard to know where to start with anything new. That’s OK. That’s why you’re here on this page…. Here are 10 things to consider about what essentials you’ll need to get started and how to top up your yoga buzz when you get home.

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What to expect in a class with me ...


Sometimes the one thing that stops us from trying something new is that we don't know what to expect. So, with yoga, I always say, try a few teachers and classes until you find one that works for YOU. Pop along to a class with me and this is what you'll find us doing...

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Changes to my Class schedule, August '19


Change isn’t always easy. But it is necessary to grow, move forward and shake things up a bit! I have two new classes just started at Source Yoga in Mochdre.

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My Yoga Nidra Story


I love to teach Yoga Nidra, but my story with this practice started years ago, in a dance school, under a blanket, listening to an Indian guru with my first yoga teacher.

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Autumn Yoga Goodness


Autumn is the season of change, transformation and slowing down, but also a time when the plans we made earlier in the year are bearing fruit. We can see this in nature, the leaves are curling and drying out, the air is cooler, the ground is wetter, and blackberries and sloes are in the hedgerows.

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Autumn Meditation & Pranayama


Since autumn is all about slowing down, we can take a cue from the season and “detox” the busy, full energy of summer. This doesn’t mean doing anything extreme, but rather intentionally slowing down the mind and nourishing the body through simple more meditative practices.

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My Yoga Nidra Story Part 2


In Yoga Nidra, I can drop into a meditative state effortlessly. And in that space I get to hang out with my subconscious mind and see what’s lurking in there, waiting to be seen and healed….

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TWO new classes for 2020


In 2019 I have been running a monthly meditation class and a monthly yoga nidra class. For 2020 I have decided to combine the two and include some gentle yoga to help us all wind down from a busy week and glide into the weekend.

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Yoga from my side of the mat...


Yoga is for everyone. YES! ... but you have to...
A. Step out of your comfort zone and try it...
B. Once you get it, keep doing it... even if you have missed classes, come back. Begin again.
C. Realise that it is a two-way street, your yoga teacher turns up every week with a heart full of wanting to make a difference, but it doesn't work if you're not there!

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What is Yoga Nidra?


I teach Hatha Yoga to unwind the tensions that build up in the outer, physical body. I teach Pranayama (breathing techniques) to create more space on the inside. I teach Meditation to access the wisdom of the higher self. I teach Yoga Nidra to teach the lost art of rest and to initiate deep change and deep peace.

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A personal story about the Chakras.


"The chakra system is a map for the journey through life. Using this map not only helps you find your way along life's journey, but also makes the journey worthwhile."
Anodea Judith, Chakras Made Easy

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Online Yoga is continuing in Lockdown!


On the last day of June 2020, here in Wales, we may be dreaming of Beach Yoga but we still have a long way to go until we can be in groups situations ie Yoga Classes! So, for now, it has to be Zoom!

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